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Ryan Family AmusementChamplain LanesBowl-o-Rama, CT
“I had the pleasure of meeting Clint several years ago. We quickly formed a professional relationship and the dividends have paid off ten fold. Clint’s knowledge of pinsetters is second to none. I have a 22 lane house that very rarely went through a day without stops. I now have many days without any stops. I would highly recommend Clint’s repair service to anyone in this business. His preventative maintenance schedule is the only way to go. Why wait for something to break when it can be avoided by addressing the situation before it becomes a problem? Again I highly recommend Bowling Repair Services.”

P.J. McCaul Owner/Manager, Ryan Family Amusements – Millis, MA
“In the Spring of 2010, my bowling center was facing a very difficult dilemma. Our head mechanic of more than a decade was battling cancer and could no longer handle our machine maintenance. As the General Manager, I was up against running a bowling center with no head mechanic and only 2 part time mechanics that were working part time, we were falling behind on our maintenance and our regular customers were beginning to notice and threatening to leave our center. With nowhere to turn, a friend in the industry recommended Clint Cutler of Bowling Repair Services. I set up a meeting with Clint, the proprietors and myself. In our first meeting, Clint gave us an honest evaluation of our status, a full and thorough description of the services he offers as well as a reasonable timeline for where our center could be with the resources we had to work with.
When Clint arrived, our machines were averaging only 150-200 frames of operation per machine stop. We had no organization of our “parts” inventory and no plan for preventative maintenance. Today, we average over 1000 frames per machine stop and climbing! We have a controlled, organized and cost effective inventory of repair/replacement parts and a schedule for preventative maintenance. With Clint Cutler and my two house mechanics Don Burke Jr and Vic Falcaro who combine for almost 100 years of experience in bowling center equipment repair, our center has gone from several lanes out of service at a time, to preventing a majority of major issues before they happen to very rarely ever putting a lane out of service. In our case, we had to work with a part-time mechanic staff and Clint showed us how to get the most out of that arrangement. Clint understands the individual needs of each customer and creates a plan that makes the most sense for all parties. T thank Bowling Repair Services, Clint, Don and Vic for all their hard work in putting out machine operations back on track and setting us up for long term success as a bowling center!”
R.J. Bates General Manager, Carmel-Bowl – Carmel, New York
“…It has been my pleasure to develop a relationship with Clint over the past three years. In the course of maintaining our 45-year old center we have had the need to seek out expert advice. I got lucky and was referred to Clint when we were having trouble doing a quick drop rake modification. He responded to my call and made a service visit to my center.The bad part about that service call is now I had a person who was competent and available for troubleshooting when I needed help. The telephone calls continued on a more frequent basis. Clint responded and fixed things. The relationship turned from fixing problems to identifying underlying causes of problems.
We have serial number 66,000 Brunswick “A” Machines. A Sherman Tank that is totally rebuildable. However, the adjustments and part replacements requires a competent technician. Clint and I have moved on to a monthly maintenance plan. That program is not limited to the repair and adjustment of the machine. We also need a trained staff. Many years ago I used to send my head mechanic to the Brunswick Maintenance School. A very expensive program. Today, Clint trains my staff.
Sometime we proprietors and managers spend a lot of time mumbling to ourselves because we simply do not have anyone else to talk to who knows anything about the bowling business. Clint has been a source of valuable advice for me. I just finished installing new synthetic lanes. Clint gave me the heads-up on several different issues I need to be careful about. That is worth a lot of money to this man.”

Wood Foss Proprietor, Alley Katz Bowling Center
“As a manager of a small bowling center on a military base, having the luxury of a full-time mechanic is just not feasible, nor is it possible. We have used Clint Cutler’s Bowling Repair Services for over six years now, and it has worked extremely well for us.Bowling Repair Service allows low lineage centers such as ours to operate without the expense of a mechanic, utilizing just a pinchaser or staff member able to clear minor stops, ball returns, etc. After getting the pinsetters in shape, once a month visits are all that are required. Clint has also been flexible in covering “emergencies” and is willing to work around our schedule.I would highly recommend Bowling Repair Services to all small centers; they can help keep you competitive in today’s market.”
Rick DelMastro Manager, Bowling Center, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard